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Changes at On Yer Bike

2018 brings with it big changes at On Yer Bike as General Manager Steve Brockbank retires after 18 years of service. Steve Capper will take over the responsibilities of Ducati Sales and Chris Williams takes over as General Manager.


It all started with a phone call. “Steve its bad news I’m afraid. The other guy didn’t get the job which means you did. Start December 1st 1999 Ok”
Well that was then and now some 18 and a bit years later Steve is leaving us to retire to the countryside to relax with his wife of 40 years Helen.
In early 2003 I took over the running of On Yer Triumph in Aston Clinton until August 2004 when I came back to Westcott to run the newly opened Ducati Aylesbury. In January 2006 I was asked to go back into the main showroom to run On Yer Bike as General and Sales manager. Before we combined the Ducati showroom into the main one in September 2008. I have successfully managed the whole business assisted by Service and Clothing managers as well as all of the salesman, technicians and valeters. I extend a special thank you to Sue in accounts and admin who has saved my bacon on more than one occasion on the paperwork front.
During that time the company has twice been voted MCN dealer of the year. A very nice accolade. The company has won numerous sales awards from Aprilia, Ducati, Kawasaki and Triumph and I am the first to recognize the contribution of all involved. These things do not get won by one individual as its all team work.
To give you some idea of numbers the company actually turns over a massive number of bikes. In the 4 years Ducati Aylesbury was in its own showroom we sold over 4200 new and used Ducati’s and On Yer Bike itself has sold over 30700 bikes since I’ve been involved. In my sales career I have personally sold over 11000 motorcycles; A number I am very proud of.
One of the other aspects of my job is to organise the company annual open days and in that time, we have had nearly all BSB champions a few WSB champions since 1999 and most top name BSB runners and some notable celebrities, John McGuiness, Freddie Spencer, Charlie Boorman and TV’s Matt Roberts etc. One of my favourites moments was the last visit of 4-time WSB legend Carl Fogarty who was asked by a customer. “So Foggy did you ever race the TT” Foggy rolled his famous blue eyes and said “yes I was the lap record holder for 7 years” “oh so you’re quite fast then” said the customer wishing the ground would open up!!! Priceless
Never one for sitting still I have already organised the next spring open weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more news in the near future.
As a lot of you know I did 25 years in the Royal Navy and have travelled extensively and more travels are on the cards. This year alone I expect to do a bit more; including moto GP rounds and away with the wife. Moto GP is a passion of mine and in 1996 and 1997 I won the MCN fantasy race team competitions #anorak.
As a parting farewell I would like say many many thanks to all the customers I have had over the years that have become mates, that it’s been fun, and I wish all of you the very best for the future. Finally, a big thanks to the boss for making all of this possible. It’s been a blast.

Written by Steve Brockbank
So where shall I start? I’ve always been into bikes. Being a local lad, I learnt to ride on local farm land on a KX80!! I was hooked. I then decided to get more involved so I started in the motor trade in 1984 as an apprentice motor vehicle technician.
By the time I had qualified a little motorcycle shop called On Yer Bike had opened opposite. It was my regular lunchtime haunt, I was in there nearly every day so I’m sure I drove Phil mad!!
After a year or so I left the area to pursue a career in the car trade. I didn’t lose the passion for bikes though; my first road bike was a CBR600 which I bought just after I left Aylesbury.
I’ve been a customer of On Yer Bike since 2002 when I bought my first Ducati a 999s. Since then I have had a succession of bikes from a Fireblade to my latest which includes a Panigale 1299s and a KTM 990 Superduke. It seems once you have the bug it’s impossible to lose it!
I have worked for a number of franchises: Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini, Renault, Mercedes, Land Rover. I’ve spent the last 17yrs running sales teams for major car dealerships. All, while driving Phil nuts talking about Bikes and trying to get involved in the Bike industry.
When the opportunity to join finally came about yet again I was at the door offering my services.
The passion for motorcycles is as strong as ever and I am excited about the chance to join people as passionate as me. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Steve well as he ventures to pastures new.

Written by Chris Williams
Steve and Chris exchange a handshake and the keys as Steve retires and Chris takes on his position as General Manager.

Steve's last day will be on Saturday 27th January so come down and say goodbye and meet Chris!

Free Track Day!!

New for 2018 we have a time limited offer of a free track day at Silverstone when you buy any new or used Kawasaki ZX10R or H2.

You can use any of your bikes on the track day so long as you comply with the terms and conditions that Silverstone specify.

Offer applies to qualifying bikes purchased and registered before 31st March 2018. You will recieve gift vouchers to the value of £200 redeemable at Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TN.


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