Courtesy Bikes

We also offer courtesy bikes for the day if you need one. They certainly need to be booked in advance so that you can then carry on with your day whilst we service your bike. Just discuss this at the time of booking.

You will need to bring with you your driving license card, not the counterpart as this became obsolete in July 2014. Also you will need to know your National Insurance (NI) number. From that we check your license - in front of you - on the GOV.UK website to ensure you have no more than 6 Points and hold the relevant category of motorcycle license.

On the website there are 3 tabs that we need you to print - Your Details, Vehicles You Can Drive (make sure you click the plus sign to show the vehicles) and Penalty Points. Bring those with you.

Motorcycle Servicing from On Yer Bike
Motorcycle Servicing from On Yer Bike